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Auto Scanner is a trilingual (select English, Spanish, or French display) scan tool that will read and erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes as well as pending codes, freeze frame engine data and live engine data and the VIN number.

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If you want to buy cheap car code reader, choose car code reader from It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck.Lastly, I hope that the review is an ultimate buyer guide that you can use to get the best professional scanner tool you desire.If you want to control car data in real time or turn off the check engine indicator, this is an obligatory instrument.OBD II Auto Doctor is a great app for ones who are interested in knowing more their vehicle.One of these free or inexpensive apps below can turn the phone you already have in your pocket into a powerful data-collecting barcode scanner for many basic inventory management, asset tracking, and ticketing needs.It is used by professional mechanics, auto enthusiasts, and everyday vehicle owners who want to know more about how their vehicle is operating and how their vehicle can be fixed if the Check Engine Light comes on.

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This is definitely the best way to avoid being shortchanged by mechanics as this latest gadget will interpret the problems of your car before you think of engaging a repairer.Actron is the industry leader in automotive diagnostics, scan tools, and code readers.

Whatever auto code reader styles you want, can be easily bought here.Well some of the advanced OBD readers are capable of doing this and go to the extend of giving code definitions on the unit.

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Similarly, it is simple and easy to use for newcomers in car diagnostics but needs trouble in hand and saves money.

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The PocketScan comes with an instruction manual that includes the code definitions.

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You cannot get the OBD II codes without using a code reader or a scan tool (scanner), a code reader can be used to read and erase diagnostic trouble codes as well as other additional features depending on the tool, these tools work on all vehicles 1996 and newer.

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Paired with your Android smartphone, tablet or Windows Computer, the ELM327 Bluetooth Scanner allows you to easily scan and clear engine codes, view and save real-time engine data and perform emission.

It diagnoses and erases ABS codes and lights, is equipped to graph and record live data, and allows technicians to reset the The ZR13 OBD2 Code Reader by Zurich is the ultimate in code readers.Make your vehicle repairs easier with superb testers, multimeters and analyzers, and other specialty tools made by Actron, a leader in diagnostic and scan tools.But these apps are reasonable in cost and can provide some great information.

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In order to read DTC codes from your car you will need a scanner tool, it is available at any auto parts store, prices start below 50 USD.

We used the DashCommand app for our iPhone, plugged in the Veepeak OBD2 scanner to the diagnostic port, and waited until the device was able to scan and read the fault code: it was a bad O2 sensor.Read and clear Check Engine lights on any foreign or domestic 1996 and newer OBD2 car, light truck, SUV, and even Hybrids.It combines many expert components, addressing the needs of gifted mechanics.

Also OBD Droidscan has a few less features than Torque, but is extremely user friendly and works excellent every time.Dash is an app that lets your monitor your car in real-time by reading ODB2 Fault Codes and performance sensors (e.g. speed, RPM, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, fuel levels).The scanner is used to retrieve diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from the various control modules on the vehicle.

FIXD is the smarter OBD2 scanner that translates your check engine light code into simple, understandable terms.

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